Open Air

The Air Max 1 is more than just a catalyst for revolution. It has become a verified symbol for innovation, tech, futurism, design and culture. The Air Max 1 has achieved this through constant reinvention and redefinition that always alludes to its origin as an icon for change and innovation.


Open Air Experiences

What started as a push for engineering innovation turned into something that redefined the meaning of comfort in a shoe. Join us as we unlock the evolution of the Air Max, from 1987 to the Future.

Open Air Lab

Join us as we explore the history of Air Max like never seen before. Custom-made filters that let you in on the design secrets behind the icons of Air.

Open Air Art Prize

NIKE AIR is more than a shoe.
It’s a state of mind.
It’s your crazy dream.
It’s your wild idea.
Archive and Nike invites young designers to co-create the future of Air by sharing their vision for a chance to claim the 2022 Open Air Art Prize.

Open Air Exhibition

We embarked on an immersive journey by asking 7 young South African artists to express their vision of what the Future of Air looks like.

Meet the Open Air Exhibition Artists

Our carefully selected young artists were tasked with defining the Future of Air by using their preferred medium. Rather than using only the physical attributes of the Air Max, they were encouraged to express and share the idea of revolutionising the future through reinvention. Our seven artists that will be exhibited at the Open Air Exhibition are Githan Coopoo, Natalie PNG, Sandile Mhlongo, Sibot, Talia Ramkilawan, Tammi Mbambo, and Xopher Wallace.

Xopher Wallace

Art to me is the magic of creating something... unpredictable.

Much like the radical idea of visible air in the Air Max, digital artist Xopher Wallace exposes a hidden dimension by merging the real and virtual worlds (allowing us a glance into his subconscious.)

See Xopher’s vision of the Future of Air Max this year at the Open Air art exhibition.

Talia Ramkilawan

Art allows us conjure products of our imagination into existence. It allows us to break down the walls.

An icon for change and innovation, artist Talia Ramkilawan uses the traditional technique of rug hooking to disrupt linear narratives of the ‘Indian experience.’ Similarly, the Air Max is constantly being reinvented, whilst always alluding to its origin.

Talia’s Vision of the Future of Air Max will be exhibited at the Open Air Art Exhibition on 26 March 2022.

Tammi Mbambo

Creativity gives us the power and potential to change the collective, to truly transform the
individual and enrich the human experience.

In 1987 the Air Max introduced visible Air cushioning to the masses with the The Beatles’ ‘Revolution’ as soundtrack. A revolution herself, Tammi Mbambo uses makeup to challenge archaic notions and empower individuals to change the belief structures and social programming they’ve inherited.

If you’d like to experience Tammi’s Vision of the Future of Air Max, join us at the Open Air Art Exhibition on 26 March 2022.

Sandile Mhlongo

Believe In What U Can't See.

Much like the design process that goes into creating the future of the Nike Air Max,
multidisciplinary artist, Sandile Mhlongo, draws inspiration from everything around them to
create immersive and interactive realities that allow audiences to have an experience that is
uniquely theirs.

Come engage with Sandile’s Vision at our Open Air Art Exhibition on 26 March 2022


Open your mind.
Open tomorrow.
Open the archives.


Open the Future of Air as we celebrate everything NIKE AIR with Archive.

Join us as we #OpenAir this #AirMaxDay

  • Date: 26.03.22
  • Open Air Conversation: 15h00 – 17h00 (Archive Store, Juta St, Braamfontein)
  • Open Air Exhibition: 17h00 – 19h00 (Thirteen, Juta St, Braamfontein)
  • Open Air After Party: 19h00 – 00h00 (Thirteen, Juta St, Braamfontein)


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