My Archive with Sinenhlanhla Chauke

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Meet Sinenhlanhla Chauke. Art Director, and illustrator extraordinaire who, at just 24, runs his own studio, has worked with the Loeries, Spotify, and of course Archive on the new flagship store in Cape Town.

His work depicts his perspective and lived experiences growing up ekasi and figuring out his identity and the changing identity of the African youth.

We caught up with him to dig a little bit more, talk about his artistic influences, and his sneaker game. Let’s go.

Is art something you've always been passionate about or was it an interest that developed over time?

I have always loved art and knew that it will be my tool to heal and express myself through the thoughts and images that inspire me growing up and the ones I see now. Being in the creative space developed over time and got clearer when I started college at The Academy of Digital Arts in Cape Town.

Do you look to your creative community for inspiration and guidance and how do those relationships inspire your work?

Starting out, I have always searched for identity, community, and people who would inspire & help me mature in the wisdom they give me. Learning not to give up but to keep going helped in opening those doors that aren't easy for someone who grew up in a very small town.


Speaking of community, who or what are some of your artistic influences?

My artistic influences range from photographers, musicians, actors, painters, and even chefs. Toya Delazy's Due Drop album shaped my love for South African pop. Cassper Nyovest’s unapologetic expression and his love for his hometown made me not feel embarrassed about growing up not having a lot but being grateful for my parents' effort in giving me education, love, and wisdom.

Russell Abrahams and Karabo Poppy’s constant rise and quality of work also shaped the way I approached my work. Frida Kahlo's search for identity made me love photography and how she was her own muse.

How has your upbringing or culture influenced you as a creative?

Being born in Nelspruit and going to a different primary and high school outside of my hometown shaped my view on art. I grew an interest in the interpretation and being able to look at different pieces of art from textbooks, creating visual essays and viewing the little details and colours to emotions and thoughts.

For a 24-year-old, you’ve got a pretty impressive career, what inspired you to start Studio 99Perspective?

I was inspired by my wanting to own my studio and have it solely be something I curate and continue to build on. From the start of the pandemic, working three jobs at the same time while studying was not easy but I did it through hard work, prayer, and dedication.

Studio 99Perspective is inspired by the many lenses we all view the world through, and my goal is to bring that perspective to my work.

And what have been some of your career highlights so far?

Being head Art Director for the Loeries, my Woolworths chuckles collaboration, being the first Archive resident art director for the flagship store on Bree Street, creating work for Spotify African Heat playlist billboards in New York and Canada, and working on the YouTube Black brand identity patterns and illustrations.

Do you consider yourself a sneakerhead? If so, what is your relationship between art and sneakers?

I love sneaker culture and appreciate the way sneakers are designed. I have watched a few documentaries on the Nike story and how the brand grew to what it is today.


And when it comes to your personal style and choice of sneakers, where do you draw inspiration from?

I draw inspiration from the culture itself. I love seeing how others pair their sneakers with their clothing and accessories. Watching TikTok and Instagram Reels on how to style pieces in a simple but beautiful visual way also inspires me to have more fun with my personal style.

What are your thoughts on brand collabs in streetwear and sneaker brands?

I love how streetwear and sneaker brands help elevate young designers and seasoned designers to create their own line of merchandise and collaboration. I enjoy how brands and creatives can create something that speaks to the brand's creativity and the creative's expression and perspective.

Lastly, it's a new year full of possibilities. What can we look forward to from you this year and near future?

Creating more work that is out of my comfort zone. I am in the process of selling my work as collectible art, and beautiful merch. I want to continue working on longer-scale projects and training myself to be able to be in more leadership design positions, and not just as an illustrator. Being head art director is another goal I’m hoping to achieve soon.


Top five sneaker brands?

Nike, Bape, Reebok, Adidas, and Converse

Yeezy or Jordans?


Low tops or high tops?

High Tops

Deadstock or retro?


Nike or Adidas


Streetwear or designer?