The Importance Of Community In Street Culture

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As the saying goes if you want to go fast go alone but if you want to go far go together. Community is quite important for the evolution of street culture. Street culture has a lot of sub-cultures and spheres. The melting pot of fashion, music, and youth culture has always fostered the spirit of camaraderie and unity. In a community that values self-expression and creativity, these three dynamic forces combine to create a powerful platform for collective empowerment. From streetwear to festival fashion, rebellious anthems to genre-bending beats, community is what drives us and South Aah is definitely rich in creative communities.

When you think about street fashion and thrift culture with an assortment of dope sneakers walking the concrete and tar roads Braamfontein may pop up in your mind. The Juta and DeBeer section of Braam is so rich in culture that it has been reference through out the times. When you look at it now, it is still booming. If you want some local swag, you can just pop in to Swank or the Water Bodega and get some sick threads. Even when you talk about music it is still a tastemaker hotspot. It is no wonder Spotify set up shop at Great Dane for their Greasy Tunes Café

Greasy Tunes

Cape Town is not only known for being a world class tourist destination; its also known for its rich culture in fashion and plus it’s the motherland of hip hop (do the knowledge). Whenever you hear the term first Thursdays, you may give an uber driver a bit of a headache because they know the street culture community comes out in numbers causing traffic and beautiful mayhem with their party spirit. Archives’ Collective store is rooted in the heart of the street fashion community a stone’s throw away from Pot Plant Club which houses several local streetwear brands. Bree street is a myriad of street fashion that’s locally produced and celebrated. The aesthetics are beautiful the community is collaborative and it’s a staple in the nation’s creative economy.

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Archive Collective

When one mentions Cape Town and Jozi its almost a no brainer that Durban will enter the conversation and when it comes to partying and unique vibe curators. From the SMB boys to the Flair Supply geniuses. Davenport Road is buzz central in Durban. A spot where you can find party spots, hangouts and even tattoo parlours. This is the place you will find all sorts of creative collectives and like-minded folks. It makes sense as the road is quite close to UKZN which means all the varsity broers and gals find themselves here with their stylish and expressive tribes.

Flair Supply

Community is something we should celebrate and take comfort in. Without community we do not evolve any of our cultures and knowledge. Let us cheers to all the different tribes in different geographical locations and take comfort in the fact that ultimately through fashion, music, and art we are all connected.