Survival Guide: How to shop high heat launches at Archive

Archive is SA’s ultimate streetwear destination for discerning sneaker connoisseurs and collectors who want to stand out from the crowd and ever since opening our doors in 2016, we’ve celebrated streetwear’s rich heritage by serving our shoppers with a consistent flow of high-heat products through our flagship stores. Ranging from limited edition and iconic sneakers to clothing and accessories, we’re always on the grind to make sure we showcase an extensive collection of coveted items in the world of streetwear.

We know the drill guys, every weekend it’s the same old chat, “Mate, I took an L from Archive”, ‘Bro I’m not shopping high heat launches at Archive again”.  We’ve put together the perfect survival guide on how to shop high heat launches online and in-store. What you really need to know is behind every high heat sneaker, there is very limited stock.

Shopping high heat drops online

When a sneaker drops and we have specified that it will be available online  you can find it on our website under the following categories:

  1. Latest footwear category
  2. The Jordan Brand page
  3. The Jordan Retro category
  4. Or search it by name e.g.:  Air Jordan ‘gender e.g women’s/men’s’  Retro 3 red sneaker

Important to remember

  • While you are waiting for the launch to drop online, always remember to refresh your page
  • Just because it’s in your cart doesn’t mean it’s yours
  • The quickest bank payment gets you the sneaker
  • As there are many people trying to check out at the same time there will be ORDER CANCELLATIONS even if the money goes off from your account. In this case, you can contact our online call centre to assist you in obtaining your refund in full.
  • Online refunds take about 7-14 working days to be refunded.
  • Just because you received an email doesn’t mean you have it. If you feeling a bit nervous feel free to contact our call centre to confirm if the order was successful
  • When you adding to basket ALWAYS purchase immediately DO NOT walk away from your mobile phone/Desktop
  • Jordan retros are ALWAYS limited to one per customer
  • We do not always receive restocks of high heat launches so if a sneaker is SOLD OUT it is SOLD OUT



What time will the sneaker be released online?

All our high heat sneakers should drop at approximately 9am however, we do suggest that you start checking availability from 08;50 – 09:30am.


Your order has been cancelled ☹

There are many reasons why orders get canceled, but one of the main reasons is because there might be several customers who are purchasing the same sneaker and size at the same time as you (yes, yes sir it is possible that over 10,000 people are trying to buy 1 sneaker). The ultimate decision is determined by how quick your bank can process the payment. If you’re with the fastest bank in SA  the sneaker is most likely going to be YOURS.


Air Jordan Retro 1 SB Laker SOLD OUT online in less than an hour

Air Jordan Retro 1 SB Laker SOLD OUT in less than an hour online at Archive.



Archive will always put the customers’ journey first and do our best to make sure that your experience is pleasant both in-store and online. For more information please feel free to reach out and get in touch via social media. Good luck!

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  1. Nhlanhla on December 11, 2019 at 1:18 pm

    Online shopping is the best

  2. Phumla on December 20, 2019 at 5:24 pm

    How much is the Air Jordan retro? and in which Archive store can I get a pair

  3. Thapelo on February 27, 2020 at 2:49 pm

    Can one pre Oder and pay a sneaker that’s about to drop?

  4. Adnaan Wise on March 7, 2020 at 6:44 am


    The Jordan’s are due to release today but it hasn’t showed up on your page however the NEw Balance dream pack is already available.

    What time do u guys load them online?

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