PUMA California Drive Thru – 369285 01


Anyone who already had the chance to walk along the beautiful beaches of California has definitely passed one of the famous In-N-Out Drive Thru´s.

Puma delivers us a cult silhouette with some fresh and tasty updates. The Puma California is an OG style born of the courts on 1983 by way of Argentine grand slam champ Guillermo Vistas, it soon found its way to the streets. Now the classic is back and comes with a white, red and yellow color scheme, nodding to the probably first Drive-thru in California.

The sneaker enjoys, just like the popular fast-food chain, absolute cult status. When we saw the Puma »Drive Thru for the fist time, our mouth was literally watering – and what we like is most is the burger print on the insole!

– Via 43einhalb

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