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Tyler The Creator’s journey in style and clothing has been an interesting trajectory to witness. Most were introduced to him as a disruptive kid in a Supreme 5 panel, box logo T-shirt and old school Vans an aesthetic very consistent with the art he was making at the time. Tyler has always maintained a very distinct visual language through out his career, from his videos, covers and his own clothing line. As consistent is his admiration, mentorship, and peer relationship with Pharrell Williams. Tyler has been very vocal about how pivotal P has been in fashion doors opening for him. However, before we go to that chapter lets trace back the style evolution and collaborations that have led to this Louis Vuitton moment.

3. TY & P

One thing one can admire about Tyler’s journey is how he conscientized his audience to him growing and outgrowing things in his creative life. This allows everyone to never box him in without this caveat some moves may seem weird from a consumer perspective. If you think about Tyler being in Gucci spreads and you remember he how vehemently denounced high fashion brands on his opening lines on the song Telephone Calls with Asap Mob one would scream hypocrite, but now you can’t because he told you he would evolve. This makes the evolution story more fun as we watch him shapeshift through the ages.

04. with rocky

The timeline of Tyler’s fashion story is quite powerful as we see him effortlessly between streetwear, luxury fashion, collaborations, and owned designs. We have seen collaborate with Vans, Converse, Lacoste and now Louis Vuitton. Given his current phase in fashion this makes perfect sense. The colours and the love for luggage he has makes it look super seamless. From a merit perspective Tyler is definitely a visual fit for LV but he does have a key ingredient to this win that he acknowledges loudly. That ingredient is none other than LV’s current creative director Pharrell Williams who tapped Tyler to design a capsule collection for the brand.

5. Tyler converse

This is a story of resilient creativity, collaborative mentorship, and growth. This is a win for creatives and proof that you can win on your own terms and that you can lift as you elevate. Like Tyler says, forget passing blunts pass your people opportunities. That’s exactly what P did.