Nigo and Nike may Just Do It

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When we talk about streetwear, we know that there are a few juggernauts and Nigo is definitely one of them. Being a staple player in fashion and streetwear for 30 plus years; his taste and design language is trusted by style enthusiasts and brands alike.

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Having started Bathing Ape and severing ties with it and starting a new journey with his brand Human Made he still collaborates and lends his expertise to other brands. Nigo has worked with Kenzo, Levi’s and Adidas to name a few.

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It seems Nigo will be trading in the trefoil for a swoosh which is quite interesting and fashionably ironic as the Swoosh did sue Bape primarily for designs that were masterminded by him. Its exciting times for sneaker lovers as this may be a full circle moment for Nigo, from making homage/ inspired by Nike designs to fully collaborating with them.