If you have walked into an Archive store lately, you may have seen super fly mannequins draped in Yarns x Archive threads. We caught up with Yaseen Patel to chat all things Yarns and Archive. Here’s what the genius had to say.

What is the Yarns origin story?

YARNS Started as a passion/lifestyle project that I was able to turn into a business.

How would you define your design style?

Elevated Simplicity - we always look and try to enhance everyday product, striving to achieve a sense of luxury and premier quality.

Can you walk us through your seasonal creative and concept process from idea to finished product?

Our process begins from within - we always look to create the items we are looking for and furthermore like to put ourselves in scenarios where we ask ourselves what would we be wearing.


What do you believe is your X factor as a creative?

The ability to follow through to the best of my ability and learn from my experiences.

What other creative fields do you draw inspiration from?

Literally all fields, everything, and anything.

How did your collaboration with Archive come about?

If I’m being honest probably from my days working at TFG, from the moment I left the company I wanted to prove to myself I was able to do the things I said I would.


What did this collaboration teach you about yourself?

Anything is possible, my team is super small (only 4 of us) and we were able to supply and stand next to a giant in the industry.

How important is it to have a creative tribe/ community and why?

Super important, doing something alone is great but doing something together is forever.

What is the biggest hurdle for local designers?

Having the courage to follow through and start.

What does expansion look like for you?

Right now, to be able to continue what we doing, keep the momentum going and sustain independent growth. Possibly bring in a few young creatives with likeminded visions and ideas to help speed up the progress and continue to build our community


Here some quick-fire questions for you - Yanos or Hip hop?

Hip Hop

⁠High top or low tops?


Nike or Adidas?


⁠Beach life or city life?

Right now, probably city life

⁠Sweats or denim?


In-store shopping or online?

Definitely in store

⁠Plain black T’s or plain white T’s?

Plain Black

What your favourite item from your collection?



Make sure you check out the Yarns collection and get yourself something nice.