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How did you first become interested in art and illustrations?

As a young boy who was addicted to watching cartoons, naturally, I found myself wanting to redraw whatever I saw on TV, so you could say this was my initial introduction to art and illustrating. Later spurred on by my parents' support, it has turned into a passion that I’ve nurtured and carried very close to me throughout my schooling career and eventually to university where I learnt that I could make a career out of drawing little cartoon images.


What is your favorite aspect of creative outlet?

I’m usually not one to say too much or have the best way of expressing myself with words so I’d say my favourite aspect of my creative outlet is being able to put how I am feeling onto a piece of paper through illustrations instead of writing it out. They do say a picture is worth a thousand words, right?

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Can you describe your creative process when you get a design brief?

When getting a brief, I’d say the most important thing is developing an understanding of the brief and figuring out what is required vs what you think is required and then finding a nice balance between the two. To do this, I jump straight into research mode and look to find out everything that I possibly can about the brand/personality that I’m working with. Once I’ve gotten all my information and filtered through what I can use and what I can’t, I’ll move onto the rough sketch stage where I will go back and forth with myself over what looks best and also trying to satisfy the client. Once all the prep work is done the best and smoothest part lies ahead, which is doing the final illustration.


Are there any particular techniques that you enjoy working with the most?

Since getting my iPad (which has been a life changer), it has been my preferred technique of working. Through the use of different brush presets, it allows me to replicate different mediums such as water paints, inks, crayons and even my favourite which is working with a brush pen or fine liner.

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How do you think the art of illustration has developed over the years?

I am someone who loves both the digital and analogue techniques in illustration but digital has taken the possibilities of illustration to the next level. For myself, it has elevated my work since moving over to digital. I think the art world has greatly benefited from this development into a digital world. However, I think we still must credit the old school pen on paper as that is where it all began and for most artists, it is still their favourite way of drawing even though it's not exactly client friendly.


Do you have any specific sources of inspiration?

Yes! I like to say that my work is just one big reference to pop culture from the 90s and early 2000s as well as a love letter to the internet and all its various subcultures. These few sources are what make me who I am and in turn, make my illustrations what they are since they are just a reflection of who I am. (Remember how I said I can't write down my feelings, so I just draw them out.)


Can you share a particularly memorable or challenging project that you've worked on?

My most memorable project so far in my young career was when I got the opportunity to design my own Adidas Superstar for display at their flagship Cape Town store as part of the Originals campaign. I used polymer clay (first time) to create an outfit around the shoe to resemble RUN DMC to bring the shoe to life as this 3D character rather than one that is flat and drawn on my iPad. Seeing that it was my first time working with the medium it came with a lot of trial and error, but I am ever so grateful for seeing it through because the final came out better than I initially imagined.


Are there any unique or innovative approaches you've taken in your artistry?

Besides the style of drawing that I’ve developed which emphasizes characters, the one identifier I’ve tried to maintain is what I do with the eyes of my characters, with one of them floating just off the face. It has been something that I have been doing since starting the style and no matter how detailed or robust my work must be, I will always try to keep that one element.


What’s your ultimate within the field of art and design?

Being so good at what I do that I would need an assistant.


What was your favourite part about working with the archive gang?

Seeing that this was my first time doing a workshop like we did, the best part was how easy everyone on the team made it seem. At no point did I feel worried about timelines or whether things were going to go according to plan. But overall, it was a great first-time experience and something I’d love to do again.


How do you approach collaborations with different entities or creatives?

The importance of collaboration and doing things together is something I constantly stress to my peers and when I do have the opportunity to work with others, it is something I jump at with both hands because of all the possibilities that could come out of combining two or more minds to create something beautiful. Although each collaboration can be different, I think it is something that needs to be embraced as this is how we grow to learn new skills and discover new things about ourselves.


How important is community to you?

Incredibly important, it is what keeps me grounded. For me, community is what keeps me going, it is all those around me who support and believe in my work that help push me further and drive me to do more. But it also goes the other way around. When seeing friends and family succeed in their respective fields it only drives you to want more not only for yourself but for them as well. 


[I’m going to ask you a few quick-fire questions]

Mesh sneakers or Leather

Mesh – Air Max 4L.


Low tops or high tops

Lows - I wear a lot of shorts and the thought of high tops and shorts together terrifies me.


Street wear or high fashion 

Streetwear, and I am talking proper streetwear - baggy jeans, oversized tees, and sneakers you can afford, not the millennial LV bs.


Jeans or sweats

Jeans - denim is my favourite fabric.


Caps or beanies

Caps - Way more of an all-year-round vibe.