Celebrating Heritage Month In Style


September is a beautiful month in the land of South Aah. Not only does it come with delightful weather, great outdoor events, and festivals but it is also a month where we celebrate our heritage.

South Ah is known for its multicultural landscape which means heritage month is a celebration of so many different cultures and tradition. The vision of style and heritage intertwining is truly a sight to behold. If we look at both concepts you realise how they form our identity and expressions. When you think of style you think of the way we show up to the world from a fashion perspective. Through fashion we express how we feel and what we are somewhat influenced by. When you think of heritage you think of culture, tradition and customs that have been passed down from different generations. These cultures all come with their own flair and aesthetics that can translated through different mediums from art, music, and fashion.

The land of the Aah has quite a few pop culture figures that have fused heritage and style in a number of creative ways and its only right that we celebrate such. When one thinks of what Laduma Ngxokolo has done in the fashion industry one cannot help but to applaud it. How he moulded Maxhosa Africa to be a premium fashion brand that celebrates traditional Xhosa aesthetics is pure genius.


When you hear the term Zulu Skywalker only on name comes to mind and that name is none other than the traditional futurist Muzi. Muzi’s music is widely known for its rich cultural sonics that are infused with experimental and out of this world electronic anecdotes. His style is equally as eclectic. For his last album rollout, he created a bespoke leather jacket with a flamboyant Zulu twist that is only fit for the skywalker himself.


The art world is quite familiar with the name Karabo Poppy. They work has been celebrated globally and their collaboration with the iconic Nike air-force one had the sneaker world in a frenzy. Even Lebron James rocked the fire African inspire kick with one of his well-known tunnel fits. This a great moment in South African sneaker culture.


When it comes to giving traditional attire the streetwear treatment very few have done it better than Sho Madjozi and DJ Doowap. How they have sported they’re traditional xibhelani and indlamu fits is runway worthy and a swaggy way to pay homage to their cultures respectively.

South Africa

Fashion and style are ever evolving; however, the combination of heritage and style allows us to evolve and grow whilst sticking to our cultural roots. It is for this reason why we celebrate our heritage not only to tradition practices but in clothing as well. Through our style and clothing, we get to celebrate our heritage and the amazing tapestry of South Aah’s melting pot of indigenous cultures.