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The Asics Gel NYC is perfect merger of comfort, style, and streetwear glory. Before going into the physical make-up of the shoe, it’s good to have a look at the story behind the shoe and its name.


The name Angelo Baque rings a lot of bells in the streetwear community. The man was the brand director at Supreme and founded the beloved Awake NY. The style love story between Angelo and Asics started in 2019 when Asics and Awake collaborated on the Gel Kayano 5360. The man also redesigned the Kayano 21 in addition to bringing several key design mavericks into the fold as well. All of those moments bring us to this great silhouette, the Gel NYC is part of something you’ve always been passionate about or was it an interest that developed overtime.


The shoe is multi-purpose and a great depiction of style meeting function. The premium materials are very easy on the eye and the shoe technology will make you second guess a lot of the shoes you have had in the past. The gel cushioning system is addictive as its comfort that you cannot get enough of. If we were to go into the technicalities of it, we can note your foot will be well taken care of as the cushioning is built to reduce or safeguard your foot from stress during high impact movement. So basically, you can power walk- and run-in style with these babies.


The shoe comes in multiple colourways however this review is based on the white ivy one. The combination of these colours is simply sublime. The calm hues allow for the metallic silver accents to pop beautifully. The white mesh mixed with the different suedes and nubuck give it the premium feel and not shorting us on comfort. On foot the shoe feels light and has a somewhat snug feel to it. This means that you should go true to size when looking to purchase the shoe.


From a styling perspective it’s hard to go wrong with this. The design is classic and versatile. Whether you go summer with nylon shorts or jots with some gym socks and plain T-shirts or you go gorpcore with it like a swaggy hiker, you are winning with this shoe. This a shoe you will not regret and a conversation starter too. Hopefully this piece gives you some fun facts to drop about the Asics Gel NYC. If you need to cop it, Archive has got you.