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Basketball and sneakers are quite inseparable in the mind of a sneaker head. Therefore, it’s almost a given that the NBA All Star Weekend is always riddled with fire sneaker moments like new silhouette debuts and player edition kicks. Besides flexing handles, dunks and jump shots; NBA players pulled out their best footwear to stunt on everyone and make their shoe partners and lovers proud. Every major brand had some fire representation and had the athletes model their kicks either on the court or the tunnel aka the baller runway. Let’s unpack some great kicks and what makes them moment worthy.

2. Shai Tunnel
Victor Wembanyama

When you talk NBA and basketball, the name Lebron James can never be left out and despite what Dom Kennedy may think his shoes have been doing quite well too. The king pulled up in his Lebron 21 Prime’s that paid homage to the classic Deon Sanders sneakers. These were definitely a moment for the weekend. His conference mate KD also evoked some nostalgia when he pulled through with balling in the galaxy KD 4s, a shoe that the sneaker enthusiasts lapped up as soon as they the easy money sniper shooting jumpers in them. The swoosh and Jordan gang also had other fire moments that included Giannis’s Nike freak 5 which was a nod to the Kobe 4 All Star. Tatum pulled through which the Jordan Tatum 2 which is set to drop in March.

3. Lebron

The nostalgia did not end with the resurgence of the KD 4 but converse also entered the chat with the Converse Weapon. A shoe that was made popular by Magic Johnson in the 80s. This time around the relaunched the shoe with fire campaign centered around an athlete who most would deem “best dressed” – Shai Gilgeous-Alexander. This campaign legacy and modernism on the court effortlessly. Adidas had some fire moments too as it seems that their basketball sneakers have been making waves on and off court. Anthony Edwards. AE1 has been making waves with its creative advertising and the Ant man has been capitalizing on the moment with new colourways that are certified neck turners. Damian Lillard and Trae Young also pulled up in their latest signature shoes making sure the Three Stripe presence is felt.

4. Anthony Edwards Adidas 3

New Balance and Under Armour weren’t absent either Steph Curry’s Curry 4 paid tribute to NBA jam with the colour whilst Tyrese Maxey pulled up with the New Balance two WXY V4 gamer tag which is a nod to the culture of video games in 90s.

5. new-balance-two-wxy-v4-jamal-murray-4

The All Star weekend kept its tradition with the heat on feet and on court. This year is going to be a very interesting year for basketball sneakers as it seems like they are making a huge comeback in 2024 so if you not breaking ankles on court, you’ll be breaking necks from all the head turning kicks.