5 Creative Collectives You Should Know

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The month of June is an annual reminder of the endless possibilities the youth of today has because of the sacrifices the youth of 1976 made. It is truly beautiful to see people donate their youthful years to creative endeavors and moving as collectives to bring ideas to life.

We usually have an archive 5 for sneakers but this time around we would like to do an archive 5 for the creative collectives our country has.

1. Backyard group

Revolutionizing and democratizing events, this collective has made people take notice and revise how they approach the eventing experience. What started out as party property is a fully fledged and capable youth agency with the swaggiest merch that you can imagine. Not bad for some young mavericks that started off throwing parties in their backyard, literally.


2. Broke

Like their manifesto would suggest the name is quite ironic. This a collective that turned negative into positive and made something out of nothing. A brand stemming from Cape Town but has the nation searching high and low for their garments. The boys are unapologetic in their approach. They represent the youth and the misfits in the most stylish and organic way possible. Broke is rich in spirit and currency but don’t get it twisted their pockets are going to gain a lot of weight.


3. Unknwn Projcts

Another ironic name as the collective Unknwn Projcts is far from unknown and neither are their
projects. The Joburg based collective has a very interesting take on style of fashion, from unconventional materials on garments to the most creative take on upcycling you could imagine. Unknwn Projcts has done wonders for themselves as well as the number of brands they have collaborated with. It seems the only thing unknown is the heights they will take their collective to. Shout out to them for showing people how cool sustainable fashion can be.


4. Homie. Lover. Friend

A trio of amazing ladies that are serious about their music. They tag themselves as audio archivists, but they offer more than amazing mixes and tunes. The way they craft their events is something to marvel at, it is a beautiful experience for anyone in attendance. Their merch offering is something all style enthusiasts can vibe with.


5. Half and Halve

Half and Halve serves as a visual production team with a youthful twist. The team comprises of a group of young ladies and gentlemen with a lot of ambition, raw skill, and creativity. They are a young team that is limitless in its range. They have done work with artists, brands, and fashion collectives. Their portfolio is quite healthy and attractive, from stills to video their visuals are undeniable.


With the rise of collectives popping up around the country its quite clear that collaboration is the order the day. Collective victories are sweeter and shout out to all the crews and collectives contributing to the creative economy.